Sales Policy

  1. The rabbits will have Double Acre Farm Rabbitry before their names on all pedigrees.
  2. The rabbits will be at the best of my knowledge healthy at the time of the sale.
  3. If it is decided that you don’t want a rabbit purchased from Double Acre Farm Rabbitry anymore, I will gladly take back the rabbit. But, there will be no refunds in the return.
  4. I will not ship rabbits. You may email me to set up an appointment to come pick up a rabbit.
  5. Rabbits are under first come, first serve basis.
  6. Although it is our goal to produce show quality rabbits, I do not guarantee show results. It will be at the best of my knowledge that the rabbit is show quality if sold as such.
  7. All money must be paid in full before you leave with the rabbit.
  8. I have the ability to cancel any sales at any time before purchase.